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Shop Sustainable: Girl Pom Pom

We all love pom poms don't we? Well, 'Girl Pom Pom', the Peterborough-based brainchild of Amy, specialises in all things pom pom, from earrings to garlands to keyrings and more, each with their own cute theme. I spoke to her about her businesses and some of her sustainability practices.

First off, tell me a little bit about yourself, what your business is about and why you started it…

My name is Amy, I work full time at Lush as a supervisor and on the side I run my little accessories business called Girl Pom Pom  I started it a few years back as I’ve always loved Pom Poms and how you can make them into any colour or patterns. I started making them for friends and family and got great responses and they all kept saying I should sell them. So, I thought why not give it ago and try and make it into a little business. 

How did you get into sustainability? Were there any particular stories or events that resonated with you enough to change your habits?

Working at Lush really encouraged my sustainability journey, as you know that the heart of that company is sustainability in everything they do. That inspired me to make Girl Pom Pom sustainable, from the vegan wool to the paper bag packaging. Even just the little things you do have a huge impact in the long run.

Can you tell me a bit about how you have made your business practices sustainable? 

I use vegan wool and I wrap all my Poms in paper. I also try to buy in bulk wherever I can so that less packages are sent to me.

Are there any areas of your business that just can’t be made sustainable? 

Postage for me is the main thing that I can’t control. In order for my Poms to arrive safe I have to send them in a padded plastic envelope as I haven’t found any good alternative as of yet.  

Do you hope to expand your business in future or are you happy with where you are at?

I would love to expand Girl Pom Pom and see where it takes me. I can’t wait to do craft stalls and markets.

What has been your favourite part about running your business so far?

My favourite thing has to be the customer feedback. Knowing that they love what I have made - that for me just makes all the hours I put in making the Poms totally worth it. I also really love experimenting with new colours and patterns!

What is the one cause that you are most passionate about in terms of sustainability/environmentalism?

For me it would be to encourage buying from small businesses - not only do you get a personal touch, but you also support a lot of people dreams in doing something they are passionate about. You have better knowledge of where and how the product was made as well.

How do you think people should go about promoting sustainability in their everyday lives? 

I just think if we all do our bit in everyday life, like making the swap from bottled water to tap or taking your reusable bags to the shops. These little things if we all do them can one day have huge impact on the environment.  

You can get your hands on some of these items via Instagram or Etsy.


All images courtesy of @girlpompom on Instagram.

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