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Shop Sustainable: My Circular Wardrobe

Luxury fashion is often out of the price range of the majority of shoppers, and not only that, but despite the high price tag, luxury brands are rarely better than the high street in terms of sustainability and social responsibility. But, it seems those of us who are conscious of what we buy can have it all, with My Circular Wardrobe, a hand-picked online collection of pre-loved luxury items run by mother and daughter, Karen and Danielle.

First off, tell me a little about yourselves, what your business is about and why you started it?

We are all becoming increasingly aware of our planet and how much we all really need to collectively start taking care of it. We are now hearing so much about how many millions of clothing items are going to waste and filling up the landfills. This has really highlighted for us how much the industry and our regular habits needs to change. Luckily, second-hand fashion is a growing trend and having bought fast fashion for years we both started buying preloved last year and we love it! Can you tell me a little about how you have made your business practices sustainable?

We are selling pre-loved items in need of a new home. These pieces would otherwise go to waste. As an online based brand working from home we are already reducing energy consumption and we don’t have to travel. Our packaging is plastic-free and we use recyclable packaging.

Are there any areas of your business that just can’t be made sustainable?

Although we use recycled packaging, we still have to ship the items and this is arguably not a sustainable practice. We often pick up items from sellers but we need to drive to get there. Sometimes they are too far away to walk or we will have too much to carry back with us so we don’t have another option.

Do you hope to expand your business in future or are you happy with where you are at?

We have only recently launched and we are certainly looking to expand into a large second hand clothing store. We hope to increase our customer base with the mission to break down the stigma attached to buying second hand! What has been your favourite part of running your business so far?

It has been so exciting coming up with an idea and seeing it being brought to life. We have really enjoyed putting the collection together, sourcing beautiful pieces and building up our website. Most of all we absolutely love working together as mother and daughter. As hard as we both work, it is so important to us that we have fun too!  What is the one cause that you are most passionate about in terms of sustainability/environmentalism?

We really don’t like anything going to waste! We ensure that everything is recycled in the home. We are both so cautious now about buying new clothes and really take care to think about whether we really need something. Of course we now look to buying second-hand instead of new!  How do you think people should go about  promoting sustainability in their everyday lives?

We understand that people can’t change their habits overnight. Small changes can really make a big difference. For example, ensuring that you recycle at home or opting to walk when you can, taking canvas bags to your food shops. If everyone can collectively make these choices, it will really start making a difference.

You can shop their collection here and follow them on Instagram here.

All images courtesy of @my.circular.wardrobe on Instagram.

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